Don’t sleep on Beets – roasted up they taste like candy.

these are zero weight watchers points and scrumptious

Ingredients and instructions

fresh raw beets
scrub slice spritz with
cooking spray
sea salt

bake at 375 for 45 minutes

Notes: They are so good. A few weeks ago I had 2 bunches in my cart. 4 beets per bunch/$2.99 per bunch. I walked over to the discount veggies rack. I got 2 bags (over 20 small beets) for 99 cents a bag. I roasted them up. Used them in salad, as side dish, but I love them just as is. Pull a few out of fridge and enjoy. I clean them, roast in foil packets with a spritz of oil. Let them cool/rest. The skin peels right off.

I love beats the greens on them. Also make a good dish stirfry with a little hot peppers on them some salt you can Google recipes for it they’re really good. Also wash your beets wrap them in foil drop them in a crockpot let them cook they’re delicious no water no nothing in the crockpot, they’re ready, when they are soft 

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