Orange marmalade

it is better to prepare marmalade at home from simple and affordable products. You can use any freshly squeezed juice or juice from frozen berries, so the scope for creativity is simply enormous. INGREDIENTS: PREPARATION: ENERGY VALUE PER SERVING: Calorie content – 112 / Sugar – 8 – WW POINTS: 4

Low calorie muffins

These muffins will make your diet more delicious and varied. Most important, it is very healthy and low-calorie. INGREDIENTS: COOKING INSTRUCTIONS – 40 MINUTES: 1. Pour kefir over whole flakes (1 glass) and leave for 10 minutes. Grind the remaining glass of flakes. 2. Beat the eggs with salt, soda and spices, add to the […]

Low-calorie cottage cheese pie

This low-calorie pie recipe will completely change your diet. INGREDIENTS SERVINGS 8 COOKING INSTRUCTIONS ONE PORTION OF THE DISH CONTAINS: 203 kcal. / protein – 30 / fat – 4 / carbohydrates – 34 – WW POINTS: 4

Zucchini stuffed with chicken stuffing, vegetables and quinoa

Stuffed zucchini — this is always delicious, beautiful and festive! And if you use chicken meat, vegetables and boiled quinoa as filling, you get an unusually light and healthy dish. INGREDIENTS ON 6 SERVINGS: THE PREPARATION OF THE DISH CONSISTS 7 STAGES: ONE PORTION OF THE DISH CONTAINS: 201 kcal. / protein – 30 / […]

Beetroot hummus

Another delicious homemade hummus option. This appetizer is suitable for both a festive table and an everyday one. This time I made beetroot hummus, it turns out very bright and tasty. The recipe can be found here: Ingredients: The preparation of the dish consists of only four stages: Bon appetit! 100 grams contain: 105 kcal. […]

Cottage cheese ice cream with peaches

With this simple dessert, you will be able to include delicious sweets in a balanced meal. It does not take much time to prepare cottage cheese ice cream and anyone can do it. Ingredients: Preparation: Mix cottage cheese and yogurt together in a blender. If the cottage cheese is not very soft, rub it on […]

Cottage cheese candies

A delicious low-calorie dessert that melts in your mouth. This is the simplest and very low-calorie dessert that anyone can prepare Ingredients: You can add cocoa to taste instead of sugar. Dark chocolate, cinnamon, poppy seeds for topping. Preparing rules: Strain the cottage cheese and blend it or just mash it with a fork. Mix […]

Chicken fillet with rice and peas

These low-calorie recipes do not take much time to prepare, are simple and can be used in a healthy diet. Ingredients: Preparing: Marinate the chicken fillet in soy sauce, add salt, black pepper and red pepper to taste and fry in a pan, adding ½ tablespoon of vegetable oil. Also cook broccoli with soy sauce, […]

Weight Watchers – better than sex cake

INGREDIENTS INSTRUCTIONS NUTRITION Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated with WW in any way. I am just a member who creates recipes based on their points system. This recipe is based on WW Freestyle program, and Smart Points are the value system the company bases their foods on. Some recipes will have older points system values listed […]

Strawberry-Oat Streusel Bars

Weight Watchers : 5 POINTS Prep time – 1 hr 45 mins / Serving 12 Ingredients: Directions: Nutrition Facts (per serving) : Calories 134 / Fat 6g / Protein 2g / Sugar 0g / Nut-Free, Low-Sodium, Soy-Free, Vegetarian, Egg-Free, Low-calorie