Frozen Peanut butter chocolate squares

I just made these today and used PB2 and Lily’s chocolate chips to make this lower in calories and it lowered the weight watchers points!!! this entire recipe is three weight watchers points Thanks to Leanne for sharing Ingredients 2 bananas 0pts1 cup Greek yogurt 0pts2 tbsp Pb2 1pts30 Lily’s milk chocolate chips 2pts Instructions I mashed […]

Birthday Cake power muffins

My recipe makes 3 muffins and they’re 1 weight watchers point each. They are really good. Thanks to Cindy for sharing IngredientsEgg1 item(s), BeatenBanana1 medium, MashedKodiak Cakes Birthday cake power cakes flapjack & waffle mix1/3 cup(s) dryUnsweetened vanilla almond milk10 ml, Just add enough for the consistency that you’re afterTable salt1 pinch(es)Baking powder1/4 tspSprinkles1 1⁄2 tsp Instructions1 […]

Two Ingredient Dough Cinni-Minis

This recipe makes 6 servings and each serving is 2 weight watchers points. 1 cup self- rising flour3/4 cup Greek yogurtI can’t believe it’s not butter sprayCinnamon2 Packets Monkfruit Sweetener 1. Mix the 2 ingredient dough using the flour and Greek yogurt. If it’s still sticky add small amounts of flour until it’s easy to […]

Overnight oats that taste like apple pie

Overnight Oats that taste like apple piethe entire recipe is three weight watchers points she was inspired to create this thanks to chef allie’s kitchen and made a few tweaks to get the weight watchers points down to three! Keep reading for the delish deets! Ingredients1/2 Cup Quick oats1/2 tsp Vanilla extract1 Pinch Salt1/2 Cup […]

Strawberry cream parfait

Strawberry cream parfaitMy mid morning zero weight watchers point yogurt parfait Ingredients1/2 cup Non fat Greek yogurt1/2 Tablespoon of fat free half and half2 packets of steviaSplash of vanilla1 tsp chia seeds6-7 frozen strawberries slightly thawed and chop them up. InstructionsMix everything together but the strawberries . Layer a bit of strawberries in the bottom […]

Two Ingredient Banana Custard

Two Ingredient Banana Custard Tastes like banana bread-make two servingszero weight watchers pointsMy new favourite breakfast Thanks LucyAll you need Ingredients2 eggs2 bananas Instructionsmash 2 bananas and 2 eggs in a bowl and pour it into little pots, microwave for 3 mins xx 0 weight watchers points Notes: Add cinnamon and vanilla. And a few lily’s […]

Cottage Cheese Pizza fettuccine Bowl

Cottage Cheese Pizza fettuccine Bowlthis is scrumptious and four points for the whole recipe! IngredientsSmall curd fat freecottage cheese1 cup(s)Rao’s Homemade Pizza sauce 1/3 cup(s)Fat Free ShreddedMozzarella Cheese1/4 cup(s)Italian seasoning1/4 tspCarb nada fettuccine1 ounce Instructions1. prepare the fettuccine according to the package. Add fettuccine to a bowl and mix in the rest of the ingredients […]

Air fried cherry hand pies

Air fried Cherry hand Pies These are One weight watchers point each! Keep reading for this easy Three ingredient recipe and how Each one is made Ingredients2 tablespoons no-added-sugar cherry pie filling1 Mission Zero Net Carb tortilla for the crust1 egg InstructionsAdd 2 heaping tablespoon of cherry pie filling to each tortilla .Fold each tortillas […]

Very Veggie Pad Thai

Very Veggie pad ThaiTwo weight watchers Points per serving – makes six servings! Sweet-and-savory pad Thai is a delicious recipe features classic rice noodles that are mixed with a rainbow of vegetables, tofu, and Sriracha, and topped with eggs, and fresh cilantro. Keep in mind that rice noodles can vary in thickness, so for the […]

Personal Oat loaf with berries

Personal Oat loaf with berries the entire recipe is two weight watchers points IngredientsBanana1 mediumBlueberries1/2 cup(s)Millville Old fashioned rolled oats1/3 cup(s)Egg 1 item(s) Instructions1 Mash banana and mix with egg. Add oats and throw in berries of choice. Bake 350for 30 minutes. points Ingredients Instructions