One ingredient ice cream

Instructions I froze 3 bananas, sliced them before I froze them. I put them in the food processor on high. They went through several stages…choppy, oatmeal looking consistency, chunky, but I just kept scraping and blending on high. After a few minutes, it started turning creamy. I thought it was taking too long, so I added a little milk, and by a little I mean a capful or two, but now I realize I just needed to blend longer, and the milk probably wasn’t necessary. I’ve seen people say they put cocoa powder in it, the PB2 powder, chocolate chips… It was very soft, so I put it back in the freezer. But it tasted great, but I love banana milkshakes and that’s what it reminded me of. Idk how many points. I know bananas are free but I read somewhere that if you blend them they have points? All I know is it’s a heck of a lot less points than my bluebell homemade vanilla ice cream😂
Recipe Notes I count this as zero weight watchers points because it is blended fruit eaten with a spoon!

By Fkkzzz

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