Two Ingredient broccoli slaw

don’t know how or why it has taken me so long to find this recipe but i’m so glad Kelly shared hers with us! The easiest and most scrumptious broccoli slaw you will enjoy this week or anytime of the year minus that heavy caloric mayonnaise! All you need are two ingredients to make this special slaw that is sure to become a staple at your table! just two weight watchers points for the whole recipe


  • One bag of broccoli slaw -shredded cabbage/broccoli/carrots
  • 2 tablespoons bolt house farms cilantro avocado dressing


  1. just mix two tablespoons of the dressing in the coleslaw/cabbage mixture!

Recipe Notes

I know what you are thinking! this dressing is the perfect mimic to coleslaw dressing except it is two points for two tablespoons and and you don’t need the whole bottle either!

By Fkkzzz

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