Toasted Coconut Cream cheese frosted vanilla cupcake

Just made these Toasted Coconut Cream cheese frosted vanilla cupcake beauties and they are delish & only 4 weight watchers points each !!!

  1. Cupcakes 🧁 (2 pts each)-1 box sugar free Pillsbury yellow cake mix-3 eggs-1/3 cup unsweetened applesauce-1 cup waterBlend all and bake according to package (made 18 larger cupcakes for me) – 2 pts eachFrosting (1 pt/heaping TBSP)-4 oz cream cheese softened-1 tsp vanilla-2 cups Swerve confectioner sugar-1/4 to 1/2 cup unsweet coconut or almond milkBlend with mixer until you get icing consistencyToasted Coconut (optional) – 1 pt/TBSP-put one bag sweetened coconut flakes in a skillet and stir constantly until it starts to brown evenly and toast until about 75% brown – STIR CONSTANTLY or it may burn!!!! Remove from pan to cool and store in airtight container.
Recipe Notes

the frosting should spread across all 18 cupcakes but I only used it on 12 bc hubby likes thick icing layer! I left the last 6 un-iced and may just eat those plain since they’re only 2 points! The icing yields a thicker frosting layer for 12 cupcakes or a thinner layer for 18 cupcakes 🧁 ❤️ And only other important note is all ingredients require either a hand mixer or kitchenaid blender – hand mixing won’t work for best results ☺️

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