chocolate pudding frosted mini cakes

here is a doozy that my culinary instructor at the school I work at gave me (she’s the best). I tweaked it to add more protein but OMG – for 3 points you can have dessert!!!! (I used those famous Pampered Chef pre-portioned brownie and muffin pans for my portion size and it made 18!)


  • Mix 1 box SF cake mix
  • 1 SF chocolate pudding filling package
  • 1 small cup of the plain Greek yogurt
  • 1 Protein shake of your choice
  • 1 Scoop of chocolate whey protein optional


  1. Place in pre-portioned pans (makes 18) for 1 point each
  2. Bake on 300 approx 12-15 minutes (ovens vary)

Recipe Notes

Protein Whipped Topping (1 point):
1 SF whipped cream container
1 SF chocolate pudding filling package
1 Protein Shake

Top with a few Lily’s chocolate chip

I split the whipped topping into two halves and refrigerated what I didn’t use, which was a lot, can be used for delicious low point fruit dip!!!

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