Skinny Vanilla frosted cupcakes

Servings 24


  • Pillsbury sugar free yellow cake mix
  • applesauce
  • 1¬†mashed up overripe banana
  • 1¬†package of SF banana cream pudding.
  • (OPTIONAL fat free cool whip


  1. Take The entire package of Pillsbury sugar free yellow cake mix. Mix it up a little….use applesauce instead of oil for the 0 pts, then add 1 mashed up overripe banana(not pictured)and a package of SF banana cream pudding.
  2. They are delicious! add a little more than 1c of water because the pudding mix makes it very thick! And use some fat free cool whip as your “frosting” . They are delicious even without any frosting. These came out to 2 points each. Definitely could make a few less, bigger cupcakes for another point or two.

By Fkkzzz

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