Loaded chicken tostadas

homemade sour cream with ff Greek yogurt, homemade salsa verde, homemade red salsa, ff refried beans, homemade shredded Mexican style chicken and 1/4 ounce of queso fresco. Both of these were 6 points in total !!

I took two chicken breast cut them in half Into cutlets so they boil faster. I took a pot of water added about 1 tablespoon of chicken boullion a big chunk of onion, two garlic cloves and 3 bay leaves and I boiled the chicken until it was done. I took it out and shredded the chicken ( save the water) , while I was shredding my chicken I sautéed onion in about 1/2 tbspn of olive oil, once onion was soft I added two cut up Roma tomatoes, and cilantro, I added one tomato bouillon cube, lime juice and a little cumin mixed added the chicken and some chicken water and cooked for 5 min. I assembled by taking the tostada, spreading ff refried beans, chicken, shredded lettuce, my homemade salsa verde, homemade red salsa, home made sour cream and I crumbled 1/4 ounce of queso fresco

salsa verde recipe … boil water, add 5-6 tomatillos, 2 cloves of garlic, a chunk of onion and 2 jalapeños de seeded, boil for about 5/7 minutes until the tomatillos turn light green. Put all into a blender with some of the water , add chicken bouillon, onion powder garlic powder and blend.

homemade sour cream– I just did a bunch of ff Greek yogurt and squeezed Lemon juice and salt and mixed

By Chochi

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