Crispy Air Fried cinnamon sugar tortillas

Crispy Air Fried cinnamon sugar tortillas, sooooooo delicious and smells very festive !

I just cut up one ole wellness high fiber low carb tortilla using pizza wheel. I then melted 1 tbsp I can’t believe it’s not butter spread for 30 secs in microwave. I Placed triangles in  bowl poured melted butter and sprinkled 1 tsp cinnamon sugar all over them 

Placed in air fryer flat not piled up. Cooked for 4 mins on 400 until they browned and placed on wire rack to cool! They’re deliciously crispy and sooooo easy to do! 

These Crispy Air Fried tortillas are four points for the entire recipe on weight watchers! 

By Fkkzzz

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