Cherry Topped Lemon Cream Cuties -One point each on Weight Watchers

Cherry Topped Lemon Cream Cuties (because they’re cute)
Weight Watchers Points breakdown- 1 PP each or 2 for 3PP or 3 for 4PP


  1. 6 oz. of strained yogurt (2 cups of Fat Free Greek Yogurt Plain strained for 6 days).
  2. 1 oz. or 1/2 cup of Sugar Free Cool Whip
  3. 1/8 cup of Fresh squeezed lemon juice
  4. Zest from 1 medium lemon
  5. 1 packet of sweetener, I used Sweet n Low.
  6. 1oz. of a Lite or Sugar Free Cherry Pie filling
  7. With a hand mixer, blend lemon juice, strained yogurt & sweetener, add zest and fold in cool whip, give it a taste if you want it sweeter add another packet of sweetener.
  8. Divide between 3 ramekins or dish of choice, top with 3 cherries each total weight should be 1oz.
  9. Can be eaten right away or save for later in the fridge.
  10. Here’s how to make cream cheese from yogurt : You’ll need a fine mesh strainer  and 1.5qt glass bowl that’s about 4″ deep by 7″ round . Add 2 Cups of Plain Fat Free Greek Yogurt directly into the strainer, place the strainer over the glass bowl and tightly wrap with saran wrap. After 24 hrs. empty any liquid from the bowl and rewrap (you might have a little yogurt as well, that’s ok) rewrap and place back into the refrigerator. Check it every other day for liquid, removing any, rewrap and place back in the refrigerator. On day 5 you’ll notice a thick cream cheese consistency, remove from strainer into a container with a lid and place 2-3 coffee filters on top seal and place in the refrigerator. On day 6 you will have 6oz. of yogurt cream cheese.

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