not only scrumptious but just 3 personal points per serving Recipe Serves 4 people


  • Ingredients
  • Highkey Vanilla Wafers 20piece s
  • 6 personal points
  • Pure Protein Vanilla milkshake complete protein shake 16fl oz 2 personal points
  • Jell-O Banana cream sugar free fat free instant pudding & pie filling
  • 1 package s 3 personal points
  • Banana s 2 medium 0 personal points
  • Essential Everyday Original dairy whipped topping 8 Tbsp


  1. For the pudding I made it according to the package instructions but just swapped regular milk for 2 cups of Pure Protein shake. I let it sit in the fridge overnight to get nice & cold for assembly. Then I layered each serving individually: 1/4c pudding layer, 5 Highkey wafers, banana slices, 1/4c more pudding (so 1/2c pudding total per serving). Then added whipped cream right before eating.

By Fkkzzz

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