berry soufflé in a cup

I made this super easy breakfast berry soufflé in a cup today! It was amazing and could easily be a dessert. Very cake like. I served it with thawed mixed berries and the cake soaked up the juices. I tried a small amount in a skillet like a pancake and this would work as well. Give it a try!! 2 weight watchers points!


  • one mashed banana
  • one egg
  • one scoop of vanilla protein powder or chocolate would be good I bet
  • Add any spices you might like. I. E. Cinnamon.
  • one cup thawed frozen mixed berries
  • cooking spray


  1. The protein and banana sweetened it enough. mix banana egg and protein powder -I put it in a sprayed single serve ramekin. Cook in microwave for 3 1/2 minutes until firm

By Fkkzzz

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