Perfect Peppers with Cheese

Low points and delicious. Small bell peppers with a smear of fat free cream cheese topped with everything bagel spice.

For This recipe we used is 5 peppers, varying sizes, and three tablespoons of fat free cream cheese The entire recipe is 1 point on Weight Watchers

This is a great recipe for those on Weight Watchers and on Keto!

Just slice the peppers and add the cream cheese and everything bagel spice
I cooked them at 400 for 20-25 minutes

Notes: I also do this with English cucumbers! And you can pop them in the air fryer or oven too! I do the peppers with fat free cottage cheese. I put the cottage cheese in my mini food processor and grind/chop until it’s a smooth consistency. It’a almost like a whipped cream cheese.You might want to try The laughing cow cheese wedges. I love the pepper jack. 1 wedge is 1 point.

By Fkkzzz

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