How to Make Ribs in the Instant Pot – Low Carb

Since I finally got my new Instant Pot out of the box and started using it a few weeks ago, I’ve become a little obsessed!  People have been going on and on about how great the Instant Pot is, and now I finally understand what all the fuss is about! After polling some people on the IBIH Facebook […]

Keto Peanut Chicken Tenders – Low Carb

These baked Keto Peanut Chicken Tenders have a chili lime flavor profile that makes them a little more sophisticated and adult-friendly than your average chicken tender.  Low carb, gluten free, and dairy free, this is an easy keto chicken dinner that you can have on the table in less than 30 minutes! Keto Chicken Peanut […]

Keto Teriyaki Beef on a Stick – Low Carb

Teriyaki Beef is a classic Asian dish that is insanely popular for its salty / sweet flavor profile and tender chunks of grilled or sautéed beef. This Keto Teriyaki Beef on a Stick recipe has all of the flavor and none of the sugar of the original, making it a great low carb option for […]