Parmesan Baked Pork Chops – 5 Smartpoints!

serves: 4 What you need: 1 T Dijon Mustard 1 T Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1/2 t Italian Seasoning 4 6 oz Center Cut Loin Chops Salt and Pepper to taste 1/2 c shredded Parmesan Cheese How to make it: Makes 4 (6 oz.) servings Preheat oven to 400. Spray baking sheet with cooking spray. […]

Stuffed Cabbages

Ingredients : 1/3 head(s) uncooked savoy cabbage, about 8 whole leaves 1/2 pound(s) uncooked 93% lean ground beef 1/2 cup(s) uncooked white rice 1/2 fl oz mineral water 1/4 cup(s) seasoned breadcrumbs 1 medium uncooked carrot(s), peeled and grated 1 medium uncooked onion(s), finely chopped 1 clove(s), medium garlic clove(s), minced 1 large egg white(s) 1/2 tsp table salt 1/4 tsp black pepper 2 tsp olive oil 29 oz canned diced tomatoes, with basil, garlic […]

2 Point Weight Watchers Blueberry Muffins

this is a weight watcher’s recipe for blueberry muffins. Theyre’ 2 points each. Great for making a batch and saving for the rest of the week.  Minutes to Prepare: 10Minutes to Cook: 25Number of Servings: 12 Ingredients 1 box sugar free classic yellow cake mix such as pillsbury 1 cup fresh blueberries 1 container Dannnon light and fit strawberry banana […]


I came across this yummy muffin which has 150 calories and is 3 weight watchers points SERVES:18YIELD:18 muffins INGREDIENTS Nutrition 2 1⁄4cups all-purpose flour 1 1⁄2teaspoons double-acting baking powder 1 1⁄2teaspoons baking soda 1⁄2cup sugar, can use artificial sweetener such as Splenda if desired 1⁄2cup unsweetened applesauce 2eggs or 4 egg whites 1⁄3cup canola oil 2very ripe bananas, mashed 1⁄2cup skim milk buttermilk or 1/2 cup skim milk 1⁄4cup semi-sweet […]


INGREDIENTS 1 tsp minced ginger 4 1⁄2 cup(s) packaged coleslaw mix (shredded cabbage and carrots) 1⁄2 cup(s) shredded carrot(s) 3 medium cooked scallion(s) 3 Tbsp low sodium soy sauce 1 1⁄2 tsp sesame oil 1 pound(s) ground chicken breast (can sub ground pork, turkey, or turkey sausage) INSTRUCTIONS Brown your choice of meat in a medium non stick skillet until cooked all […]


INGREDIENTS Nutrition 2tablespoons butter, softened 2teaspoons canola oil 1⁄2cup dark brown sugar 1teaspoon vanilla extract 1⁄8teaspoon table salt 1large egg white 3⁄4cup all-purpose flour 1⁄4teaspoon baking soda 3ounces semisweet chocolate DIRECTIONS Preheat oven to 375*. In medium bowl, cream butter, oil and brown sugar together. Add vanilla, salt and egg white. Mix thoroughly. Mix flour and baking soda and add to creamed […]